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Lego Dimensions highlights Toy Pad abilities amid Portal Level Pack

WBIE has released new information surrounding the abilities of its Toy Pad as well as showing off the Portal Level Pack, which has a Lego GLaDOS in it.


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed the Lego Toy Pad will play a larger role in the Lego Dimensions experience outside of just transporting characters from the real-world into the video game.

The Lego Toy Pad will serve as an interactive part of the Lego Dimensions experience by functioning as an additional game controller that will interact with both toys and the game. The pad features three distinct areas of RGB lights that are able to produce a wide variety of colors to provide hints and puzzles for the player to complete.

A new trailer was released showing the Lego Toy Pad in action within the Portal Level Pack, which introduces us to Lego GLaDOS and the Lego Chell minifigure. In the trailer, we can see the pad will allow the Lego minifigures to teleport through the use of Shift mode and change their size using Scale, among other abilities.

Lego Dimensions will hit the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on September 27.

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