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E3 2015: Enter the Gungeon reveals Co-Op feature

The dungeon crawler, Enter the Gungeon, announced a cooperative campaign feature last night at E3.


At last night’s PC Gaming Show at E3, the developers at Dodge Roll Games and Devolver Digital revealed the co-op feature for their upcoming PC and PlayStation 4 game, Enter the Gungeon.

Enter the Gungeon is a 2D dungeon explorer that pits players on a quest to find a super weapon that can kill the past and undo regrets and bad decisions . The cooperative mode allows gamers to team up with a ‘gun cultist’ wingman to annihilate the Cult of the Undead, cute, cartoony enemies embodied by bullets and shotgun shells.  As players explore the evolving bullet hell-fortress, they will find different bizarre weaponry that can unleash a volley of rainbows or a swarm of bees.

Enter the Gungeon is expected to launch later this year on Steam for PC and PlayStation 4. Check out the E3 gameplay trailer here. 

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