Castle Crashers Remastered coming to Xbox One and PC

The Behemoth has announced Castle Crashers Remastered will be making its way to the Xbox One this summer, while a PC release is expected later on.


The Behemoth has announced Castle Crashers Remastered is currently in development for the Xbox One and is expected to be released this summer, while a Steam version is also planned, although it’s release date is unknown at this time.

Castle Crashers Remastered will feature an increase in texture sizes by 5x the original game’s graphics, an uncapped framerate of 60fps, various performance updates and improvements to gameplay as well as online multiplayer, and a new mini-game: Back Off Barbarian.

Back Off Barbarian is described as a simple, but addicting mini-game as players move quickly by using the D-Pad to avoid enemies. As time passes, more enemies are added to the level, thus making it more difficult for players to move around in the environment. Up to four players can play Back Off Barbarian in either online or offline modes.

Castle Crashers originally released on the Xbox 360 back in 2008, and slowly made its way to additional platforms. We assume the remastered version is being geared towards those who may have missed its initial release, although long-time fans of the game may end up picking it up since the original was such a great 2D beat-em-up. Let’s just hope The Behemoth prices it accordingly.

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