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The Legend of Legacy coming to 3DS in North America this holiday

Atlus has announced The Legend of Legacy is coming to North America this holiday season. The game was created by some of the most iconic JRPG creators behind Chrono Trigger, SaGa, and Final Fantasy XIII.


Atlus has announced it’s publishing The Legend of Legacy in North America for the Nintendo 3DS this holiday season.

The Legend of Legacy brings a staff of iconic classic JRPG creators, like illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi (SaGa series), composer Masashi Hamauzu (SaGa, Final Fantasy XIII), and writer Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger), to deliver a game that has players unraveling the secret agendas of each one of seven explorers has planned for the mysterious new island of Avalon.

Players will be able to play as one of several characters as they explore Avalon for different reasons, like looking for treasure, searching for the god of the island, or recovering lost memories. But everything changes once the explorers discover a singing stone that causes the party to see Avalon’s forgotten history in the form of phantasms.

The combat system in The Legend of Legacy is turn-based as players fight enemies in a party of three. Players will have the option to create their own formations tailored to their party, allowing each party member to be given a different combat role at any given time. Formations can be saved and changed between turns, giving players many options to maximize their strategies.

The Legend of Legacy will be made available as both a digital and retail release when it becomes available this holiday.

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