Studio Wildcard Announces Jurassic Ark Week Events and Update

In celebration of the success of their game, Ark: Survival Evolved, Studio Wildcard has taken to the internet to announce a special week of updates and events.


With over 450,000 units sold and 6.5 million hours of game time, Ark: Survival Evolved has become the fastest growing title on the Early Access list, and the most played open-world game available right now. Not to mention the game has already made over $10 Million off the game. It’s only right that this be cause for celebration, and Studio Wildcard is going all out.

The week of festivities has already started, with today’s contests being ‘Coolest Human-Dino Pair’, and while these winners have already been chosen, there are still quite a few more days to get in on the fun. You can see the full announcement of the update here.

Here's the schedule for the Daily Screenshot contest:

  • Wednesday – Coolest Base: Show off your epic base of fortress.
  • Thursday – Coolest Tribe: Get your tribemates together and show off your coolest pose!
  • Friday: Most Epic Environment Shot: There are plenty of amazing views and vistas to be seen all over the island in Ark. Find the best view, take a screenshot, and share it with the community.
  • Saturday – Official Server Broodmother Trophy Shot: Join an official server and take on the Broodmother Lysrix, one of the three Primal Gods who watch over ARK. You’ll need to capture a conquering shot, including the pause menu to verify it’s an official server, then send it in to qualify.
  • Sunday – Line up every tamed creature you have on an Official PVP server (with pause menu viewable), and impress the team with the variety and diversity of the dinos you’ve tamed.
  • Bonus Entry – every day during the contest a new Jurassic ARK meme will be chosen from the community and presented in the Steam community forum. It will also be promoted from the official @survivetheark Twitter account.

Along with all the amusing contests listed above, the game will also be receiving a ton of new updates. We've compiled those update notes below:

  • The Spinosaurus: This gigantic terror of the lakes and waterways is based on the latest research indicating quadrupedal movement and an amphibious nature. Spinosaurus will at last be stalking the many lakes and waterways as an all-terrain mount. Beware his ferocity!
  • Limited Edition Jurassic ARK cosmetic item skins can be found in certain predators, including:
  • Nedry's Glasses (found in Dead Dilophosaurus Inventories)
  • Baby T-Rex Bone Helmet (found in Dead Rex Inventories)
  • Tribe Governance Features: Do you want to be a full utopian Communist where everything is shared, rapacious Capitalists with absolute private property, or something in between?
  • New Structures: The Metallic Spike Blockade for stopping incoming Dinosaur attacks, and The Food Storage Bin for preserving food over extended periods of time and for turning beef into jerky... mmmm beef jerky!
  • Flying Dino Update: Flyers can now carry other dinosaurs, not just humans. C4-Packing Dodo Air Drop anyone?
  • Major GPU performance improvements, especially for low-end hardware
  • Balancing & performance improvements, new resources, and more!

We’ve also included an image of the new dossier of the Spinosaur. Look at that beast!

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