Minecraft-inspired Lego Worlds now available on Steam Early Access

TT Games has just released its Lego Worlds, which appears to be a direct competitor to Mojang's Minecraft.


Lego Worlds has launched as a Steam Early Access game to directly compete with Mojang’s Minecraft.

Lego Worlds features procedurally-generated Worlds that are entirely made of Lego bricks where players can freely manipulate and dynamically populate with Lego models. Players can unlock a number of new discoveries, including cowboys, giraffes, vampires, polar bears, steamrollers, race cars, and huge digging machines.

By using a multi-tool, players can shape the environment and alter any World to your liking, such as creating vast mountain ranges, or access the Brick-by-Brick editor to build anything you can imagine. Players can populate their Worlds with a number of characters, creatures, models, and driveable vehicles to play out their own unique adventure. Anything created within a specific World can then be exported and used in another one.

As with all Early Access games, Lego Worlds is currently in development, and will continue to through 2015. TT Games will then evaluate a release candidate in early 2016, but they won’t release it until it believes its community feels the developer has delivered a great game.

TT Games is currently developing Lego Dimensions, which is its answer to both the Skylanders and Disney Infinity series of toy to life games. With Lego Worlds, it appears the developer is spending 2015 to 2016 mimicking other franchises rather than focusing on its own, like the Lego Batman and Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Although they are finishing Lego Jurassic World, so it's still going strong with its film-based games.

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