XCOM 2 to Infiltrate PCs This November

After some teasing, XCOM 2 has been officially announced, and it will release exclusively for the PC this November.


Last week, 2K games teased viewers with a cryptic trailer and website for AdventFuture.org, which advertises a utopian government called the Advent Administration. It apparently achieves a state of peace and prosperity through genetic enhancements. However, hackers start replacing text and images on the website to reveal Advents' true nature.

This is our first glimpse into XCOM 2, which is officially announced today via IGN, and the future looks bleak. In sequel to the 2012 tactical strategy hit, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, aliens are in control of Earth and XCOM is an underground rebellion subverting their hold on the human race. Players will have to employ guerilla tactics against a technologically superior army in order to turn the tables on the hidden threat.

Also, in a surprise reveal, XCOM 2 is releasing this November as a PC exclusive. More details will be revealed during the coming weeks and at E3.

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