Fight your shadow in the Killer Instinct update hitting Xbox One

New DLC for the arcade fighter introduces Shadows Mode to the franchise.


Your greatest foe is yourself in the free update for Killer Instinct released today.  The DLC offers gamers more leader boards and game modes, something our review said was lacking from the Xbox One launch title.

Xbox Wire reports the new content introduces Shadows Mode, a game mode that creates copies of your character that fight just like you do, including all of your combos, footsies, mix-ups, and mistakes.  Shadows Mode was created for players to spar against themselves to discover their personal strengths and weaknesses in their fighting style. Gamers will be able to fight against other player’s shadow as well.

Here’s a breakdown of the new content Killer Instinct owners can download today.

Shadow Survival – Quickly experience fighting styles from the community and create rivalries with people you’ve never known. Earn Shadow Points and issue Bounties to players you’ve beaten to encourage them to avenge their loss!

Shadow Challenge– Directly challenge someone’s Shadow to win Shadow Points. The bigger the fish, the bigger the payoff!

Shadow Leaderboards – Brand new Leaderboards just for this mode. Sort the best Shadows by character type and find the top Shadow Survival scores to see who’s on top!

Shadow Data– Dive deeper into your Shadow’s Brain and learn how the system has analyzed you and replicated how you play. You can also see how many recordings you have, and even Spar against your Shadow.

For more details check out the video here.

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