Report: Steam Summer Sale 2015 taking place on June 11

We feel a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of wallets suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.


We hope you’ve been saving up since last year’s Steam summer sale as it appears this year’s sale will be taking place on June 11.

According to reports, Valve has announced the Steam Summer Sale will be taking place on June 11 on its VKontakte page, which is a Russian social network that’s popular in Europe. The sale is expected to last until June 20, which Steam will then begin its Encore Sale until June 22.

Steam’s sales are seen as big events in the eyes of PC gamers considering how many great deals Valve publishes at these times. The Summer Sale can put a serious dent in most people’s wallets, but it pales in comparison to the near-comatose state wallets can get into during Steam’s Winter Sale. Either way, please remember to spend responsibly and don’t buy games while hungry. Just trust us on this one.

We’ve reached out to Valve to confirm whether or not the sale information published on its VKontakte page is accurate and if customers around the world can expect the Summer Sale to take place at the same time.

[Via IGN Russia]

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