Bandai Namco Celebrates Pac-Man's 35th Birthday

Bandai Namco is commemorating Pac-Man’s 35th anniversary with updated mobile games and a birthday party for the yellow ghost buster.


Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. is celebrating 35 years of Pac-Man, who made his debut in Japan on May 22, 1980. The game producer will be releasing updated versions of the classic arcade game for mobile users. Pac-Man can be found in mobile marketplaces for $6.99 along with a free trial version, Pac-Man Lite.

“This is almost an entirely new Pac-Man,” Ben Acevedo, producer of Pac-Man mobile products said. The Pac-Man mobile team added new mazes and challenges for players to enjoy. The new apps also includes a ‘pixle-to-pixle’ restoration of the game with the same difficulty.

In addition to the mobile apps, Bandai Namco will be hosting an official birthday party for the dot-munching icon on May 22 at Level 257, Namco USA Inc.’s chic restaurant. The party will be held in Schamburg, Ill, a city near Chicago, and will feature Pac-Man themed games and events, appearances from gaming industry VIPs, including Professor Tory Iwatani- the lead creator of Pac-Man, and a birthday cake to be presented to Pac-Man himself.

“From arcades and consoles to digital and mobile, Pac-Man has remained a fixture in our gaming lives,” Jefferson Valadares, General Manager and Vice President of Product at Bandai Namco said. “This is an anniversary for the fans.”

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