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The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - Find all Places of Power, Power Overwhelming Trophy

If you want to maximize your ability points, you’re going to need to find all 15 Places of Power hidden throughout The Witcher 3.


Places of Power are great stone monuments marked with different Signs. These monuments, when activated by Geralt, allow him to gain an additional ability point. There are fifteen total Places of Power, and they are spread evenly across White Orchard, the regions that combine No Man’s Land (Velen, Novigrad and Oxenfurt), and the islands of Skellige. Each area contains one Place of Power for each of the five Signs that the witcher uses. This guide will show you where to find each of these Places of Power, as well as provide you with a map that points you right to the item.

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Aside from granting new Ability Points, these Places of Power also provide the player with a 30 minute buff to the particular Sign that the monument represents. While you’re discovering each of these, it is actually possible to score yourself a trophy along the way. Activate at least one Place of Power for each Sign (Igni, Quen, Axii, Aard, and Yrden), and you’ll receive the Power Overwhelming Trophy.

This guide is a work in progress, and will be updated daily until all fifteen Places of Power have been found, documented, and written out. Check back regularly for the most up to date information.

White Orchard


The first Place of Power you’ll find is located within White Orchard’s cemetery. Head up to the Mill marker on your map, then continue north to find yourself inside a cemetery. There is a fairly powerful wraith here, so be careful as you approach the place.


This first Place of Power bearing the Quen Sign can be found near Cackler Bridge. Head up to the marker, then turn back towards the south. Move down the road away from the bridge, and keep an eye out for this Place of Power on the left side of the road. Normally these places will be marked with a ‘?’ or the special icon representing a Place of Power.

Quen 2

Now it’s time to find the second Quen-based Place of Power, which is located down south, near the Abandoned Village marker on your map. Travel there, then head southwest through the forest and trees. There are quite a few enemies protecting this shrine, so take them out if they are there, and then draw upon its power to grab the extra Ability Point, and a short 30 minute boost for the Quen Sign.


Travel to the Mill marker on your map, then continue north past the cemetery monument. Your destination is a ‘?’ hidden in the middle of the open forest area. Keep traveling until you reach the place, then take out the nearby Ghoul nest before gathering this Place of Power.


Head back down to the Abandoned Village, this time traveling along the road to the east. Once you past the small home area just beyond the village, turn off into the forest to the right, and move towards the area marked by a ‘?’. Here you will find the fifth Place of Power for the White Orchard Area.


The final Place of Power in the first area of the game is located just north of the Sawmill. Travel to the Sawmill marker, then follow the road north, turning into the wilderness as the road curves to the left. There should be a ‘?’ on your map, which you can easily locate using your mini-map.

No Man’s Land (Velen, Oxenfurt, and Novigrad)

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Isles of Skellige

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