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Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Larian Studios and Focus Home Interactive have announced Divinity: Original Sin will be making its way to consoles in an enhanced edition.


Larian Studios and Focus Home Interactive are bringing Divinity: Original Sin to consoles.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition will feature a new intuitive user-interface that’s been designed specifically with controllers in mind as well as couch-friendly dynamic split-screen play, although online co-op is also supported.

Hours of new content, quests, combat-styles, locations, changes to the crafting system and a reworked storyline are just some of the improvements made in the console version of Divinity: Original Sin. Voice acting and dialogues have also been improved.

When Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is released on PC, it will appear as a new entry within a user’s Steam library. As a result, previous save games won’t be transferrable to the updated version.

2015 appears to be the year when cRPGs begin to creep their way onto game consoles considering InXile Entertainment will also be released Wasteland 2 onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer. All console RPG fans would need now is Pillars of Eternity and they’d be set to enjoy cRPGs well into 2016.

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