Shack Reels: Splatoon single-player and boss battle

Splatoon's main draw will be its multiplayer, but there's also a good amount of single-player content, which we're highlighting today with a pair of videos.


Splatoon is set to splatter across Wii U consoles in a couple of weeks, but the Shacknews video crew recently had some time to splash around the multiplayer paint feste. Of course, while multiplayer is the game's main draw, there's also some single-player action to be found and that's what we'll be highlighting today.

First up is one of Splatoon's early stages that offers instructions on how to travel around in Squid Form, while also taking on a number of flying enemies. Weapon pick-ups like the Inkzooka will be available, as will several checkpoints. The early stages appear to be designed to include closed-off 3D areas that can be accessed via launch pads, similar to Super Mario Galaxy.

That's followed by a boss battle against the Dreaded Octonozzle. This battle is also structured similarly to Super Mario Galaxy, right down to the 3D arenas and various phases. Just as in the Mario series, hitting the boss enough times will infuriate it, causing it to intensify its purple ink attacks.

Both of these videos can be found below. Splatoon is set to release on Wii U on May 29.

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