Landmark update overhauls many mechanics and wipes characters and claims

There's so much packed into the latest Landmark update that Daybreak Games will need players to start fresh, leading to the game's only character and claim wipe.


The landscape in Landmark is about to undergo some changes. Today's update is not only set to overhaul some major aspects of the game, but it also means that characters and claims are being wiped.

The big changes involve harvesting and crafting, namely that salvaging, upgrading, and random item quality are being removed from the game. The newest patch is placing an emphasis on simplicity, with all component types now available for building. More on these changes can be found on the Daybreak forums.

Landmark is also receiving new biomes, with more varied continent shapes, sizes, and surfaces. Additional features, like ruins and darker caves, placed along each continent. Bedrock has also been added to prevent digging through the world a little too much.

As for the character and claim wipes, players can now start with a completely new slate. Current Landmark players are being granted expansion slots, so they'll start off with two base and eight attachment claims. Meanwhile, new players will get one base and three attachment claims. Daybreak notes that this will be the only character wipe over the duration of Landmark's pre-release period.

This is all scratching the surface, with Daybreak also addressing various bugs, adding new human character models, and overhauling achievements. To catch the full list of changes, visit the Daybreak forums.

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