VR Chronicles Ep 06: Project Cars (with bonus 'Let's Play')

Joe Tirado loves him some cars, so for this week's VR Chronicles, he's going behind the wheel for Project Cars. Check out the latest episode, as well as a bonus non-VR 'Let's Play' video.


Project Cars is set to hit PC tomorrow before driving onto consoles next week. As the cars get ready to exit pit road, Joe Tirado is also strapping on his racing helmet. And by "racing helmet," we of course mean his Oculus Rift DK2. Yes, Project Cars can support VR headsets, though it requires a few workarounds. Today, Joe is here to issue his findings in the latest episode of VR Chronicles.

To get Oculus Rift working with Project Cars, be sure to enter Extended Mode, as the game doesn't offer a direct connection. Be sure to turn down your settings to get the full 75fps. For more, catch the full episode below.

As a bonus, Joe also offers a non-VR Let's Play of Project Cars. So watch him grab his Thrustmaster T300RS racing wheel and explain all of the game's features in the video below.

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