Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC pack for May available now

It's the start of a new month, which means Capcom has released a new DLC pack for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and as usual, it's available completely for free.


Capcom has released additional downloadable content for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and as usual, it’s all available completely for free.

The May free DLC pack features the previously-announced Metroid-inspired Hunter equipment, which includes Samus’ Varia Suit, Zero Suit, and Arm Cannon. A Taiko Drum Master Hunting Horn and a USJ Star Rook armor and Starlight Axe Charge Blade round out the remaining Hunter content. As far as our Palico companions go, they’re getting some fun equipment inspired by Capcom’s Street Fighter combatants Blanka and Chun-Li and the Blue Bomber himself, Mega Man. The USJ’s F Star, Cha-Cha- and Kayamba equipment will also be available.

Additional content includes the following:

14 New quests

5 New weapons

3 Complete armor sets

6 Palico weapons

6 Palico armor sets

1 Bonus Palico: Yellow Pal

3 Guild Card backgrounds

2 Guild Card poses

15 Guild Card titles

1 Poogie outfit: Kitchen Pig

New items sold by the Wycoon

Just like previous free DLC packs, these can be accessed directly from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate under the DLC menu. Quests will be saved under Event Quests and Challenge Quests in the Gathering Hall. G-Rank quests and G-Rank Challenge Quests are located in the Elder Hall and Assembly, respectively.

This marks the third month of free downloadable content Capcom has released for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate as players received a free DLC pack in March that featured The Legend of Zelda-inspired gear and content in April with Sonic, Mario, and Luigi-inspired gear. May's free downloadable pack is available this month, so be sure to grab it before it's replaced by next month's DLC.

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