Destiny House of Wolves DLC includes end-game PvP mode and more

Bungie revelaed those who take their Destiny PvP serious will be in for a treat when House of Wolves releases in a few weeks.


With the upcoming launch of Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion, Bungie has revealed some new information to help whet Guardians’ appetites for serious PvP combat.

Bungie revealed the Trials of Osiris, a new end-game PvP activity that will run on a weekly basis from Friday to Tuesday with just one map available at a time. Trials of Osiris will be based on a new 3v3 mode called Elimination, which will have two teams face off in a team deathmatch game mode where Guardians can revive their fallen comrades.

To enter the Trials of Osiris, Guardians will need to gain access to the Trials Passage. The item can be obtained by accepting quests from NPCs located on the Reef with subsequent Trials of Passage costing 100 Glimmer each. The item is more than just a ticket for Guardians to access the Trials of Osiris as it’s also able to keep track of your wins and losses. If you lose three times, you’ll need to turn it in and you can only receive rewards based on how many wins you’ve accumulated with it.

Here’s a list of the rewards you’ll be able to choose from and their requirements:

  • Two to three wins -- A blue package that can contain Motes of Light, Passage Coins, and other items
  • Five wins -- Ability to purchase the weekly armor
  • Six wins -- A legendary package
  • Seven wins -- Ability to purchase the weekly weapon
  • Eight wins -- Ability to buy a legendary package (Bungie did not disclose the packages rewards, but they did mention that it will not contain Exotics or Trials of Osiris armor)

Bungie also detailed some of the new Crucible maps that will be available in the House of Wolves expansion. The maps range from small- to medium-sized maps with no access to vehicles. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will receive the Thieves Den, Widow’s Court, and Black Shield Crucible maps, while Time Keeper will only be available on PlayStation platforms. Bungie plans on increasing the rewards Guardians receive for participating in Crucible:

  • Earn double Marks
  • Earn double reputation
  • Increased number of Engrams rewarded after each match
  • Completing the daily Crucible missions will net you a reward pack containing Motes of Light, Passage Coins, or other items

Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion will be released on May 19, although Bungie has scheduled one last livestream for it on May 6 that will go detail PvE activities. With the lack of a new raid, we’re curious to see how exactly Bungie makes up for it with other PvE activities.

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