Killer Instinct gets Cinder on Thursday with proceeds going towards tournament pools

The infernal inferno known as Cinder is set to join Killer Instinct on Thursday. Along with him will come a two-week period in which all Killer Instinct purchases will go towards tournament prize pools, with the first $50,000 being added to the Evo 2015 pot.


Killer Instinct is getting ready to release its next fighter, the hotheaded Cinder. His arrival will be accompanied by somewhat of an unprecedented effort from Microsoft and the Killer Instinct team, as a portion of the proceeds from his and other KI-related purchases for a two-week period will go towards prize pots for Evo and other fighting game tournaments.

"What we're doing is, with the launch of Cinder, 100 percent of the revenue we make off the Cinder launch, up to $100,000, is all going towards tournaments for this next year," explained Killer Instinct creative lead Adam Isgreen. Isgreen added that the first $50,000 would go towards the Evo 2015 prize pot.

To help with this effort, Shadow Jago will be available for purchase during the two-week period following Cinder's launch. The figure that would eventually become Omen can be picked up for 7500 Killer Instinct Gold in-game currency only, though Isgreen added that Shadow Jago would become a full-blown unlockable character if they hit the $100,000 ceiling. The fundraising period will last from April 30 through May 13.

Cinder is not to be overshadowed, however. The infernal inferno hits Killer Instinct with his arsenal of fiery attacks, aerial maneuvers, and a very big mouth. Of course, he isn't the only of Ultratech's minions that will join the battle. The end of the trailer below teased the game's next arrival, a shadowy figure called Aria.

Cinder will debut in the Season 2 Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct this Thursday, April 30, at which point the tournament fundraising will begin. Season 2 Combo Breaker edition owners can pick him up on May 6.

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