DICE general manager discusses Star Wars Battlefront and working with the film archives

Shortly after checking out the Star Wars Battlefront reveal, Shacknews caught up with DICE general manager Patrick Bach to learn more about what folks can expect from the upcoming game and also learn more about the developer's relationship with Lucasfilm.


There was a major shakeup in the Force last week when EA and DICE hit the Star Wars Celebration weekend with the official reveal for Star Wars Battlefront. Now that we had seen the in-game footage and the in-engine trailer, it was time to talk to DICE about what else players could expect from their first crack at the Star Wars license. Shortly after the media presentation, Shacknews caught up to DICE general manager Patrick Bach.

"We started the whole relationship [with Lucasfilm] asking us, 'Are you willing to build the next big Star Wars Battlefront game?'" Bach told Shacknews. "And of course, the immediate reaction is, 'Oh my God, this is a daunting task, but of course we will do it!' So I think the collaboration has been brilliant. We've been working super close with them throughout the whole process, making sure everything is as authentic as it can be. Our goal is, of course, to stay true to the original trilogy, make sure all the assets that you see in the movies are there, and are rendered in a way that you feel you're in the movie. The relationship has been amazing."

Bach also goes into DICE's use of the Star Wars archives, the film locations that DICE has visited, and details on the "Battle of Jakku" DLC. The full interview is available below.

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