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Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm MOBA launches June 2

Blizzard has announced its MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, will finally be launching this June.


Blizzard has announced its entry into the popular MOBA genre, Heroes of the Storm, will officially launch on June 2, following an open beta testing period starting on May 19.

When Heroes of the Storm launches, it’ll include over 30 playable Heroes and seven dynamic Battlegrounds to fight across, each of which offers their own unique challenges to overcome. Players will be able to customize the look of their Heroes with a variety of skins as well as a number of special mounts.

Blizzard will continue supporting Heroes of the Storm post launch as they plan on releasing additional Heroes and Battlegrounds.

Heroes of the Storm will feature a variety of gameplay modes for players of every skill level to enjoy, including Co-op, which invites players to work together to battle against AI-controlled opponents.and Quick Match, which easily matches players against one another. More experienced players can take part in Heroes of the Storm’s draft-style ranked play.

Heroes of the Storm has been in development for several years as it was first called Blizzard DOTA, but soon became Blizzard All-Stars after a dispute with Valve over the DotA trademark. Back in October 2013, the game finally got its Heroes of the Storm name, and since then, it’s been in its closed beta phase while also adding a ton of additional content, such as adding The Lost Vikings and Sylvanas Windrunner to its roster, and even announcing a special college tournament. The title has been gaining a lot of attention in the MOBA world, and with it’s upcoming open beta and stable release, it looks like it’ll only gain more attention in the coming months.

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