Elder Scrolls Online invites beta players back with free weekend

Zenimax Online Studios is inviting Elder Scrolls Online beta players back with a free weekend.


Elder Scrolls Online beta players who didn’t end up making the plunge into the full game will be able to check out all the game has to offer in an upcoming free weekend, Zenimax Online Studios has announced.

From Thursday April 16 at 15:00 BST through Monday, April 20 at 15:00 BST, beta players will be able to download the game and experience all of its six major updates, all of Tamriel Unlimited, and a number of fixes and improvements since they last checked the game out.

This weekend’s offer is nearly a month after Zenimax Online Studios announced Elder Scrolls Online would no longer require a subscription in order to get in on the action. Considering all of the changes they’ve made to ESO, it’s smart of them to invite the over 5 million beta participants to give the game another chance. If they can somehow entice them to become regular players, then the trouble of holding this free weekend will well be worth the trouble.

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