Team Ninja developing next Dissidia Final Fantasy game

Dead or Alive developer, Team Ninja, has taken the reigns of the next Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade game, and it could be exclusive to arcades for over a year before hitting console.


Looks like Dead or Alive developer, Team Ninja, is looking to expand its gaming portfolio with one of Square's properties.

Siliconera reports that the studio is heading up the next Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade game. It also looks like the new game could be an arcade exclusive for up to one year after release, as Sony Computer Entertainment President Atsushi Morita announced in a closed conference that Sony would like for fans to enjoy the game in arcades first. A Square Enix producer also went on to advise that there won’t be any development toward a console release until at least a year after the arcade version hits the market. We do know that the game is being developed on the core system of the Playstation 4, so it's probably only a matter of time until it hits living rooms everywhere.

We could very well be looking at the early makings of the next great arcade brawler, but only time will tell.

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