Killing Floor 2 debuts new boss character Hans Volter

The Patriarch won't be the only one patrolling the halls of Killing Floor 2. A new boss character has entered the arena. It's the extremely dangerous Hans Volter.


For our brief hands-on impressions with Killing Floor 2, it was noted that much of the Steam Early Access version of the game will feel similar to the original Killing Floor. However, Tripwire Interactive does have a few new treats to shower onto players. The boss waiting at the end of the zed horde will not be the familiar Patriarch. Rather, Tripwire is debuting some new boss characters and has unveiled the first one today. It's the toxic menace, Hans Volter.

Volter will shuffle onto the scene armed with poison packs and blades-a-plenty. He can rush players and grab them, sucking the life out of anyone in his clutches. He'll also ward off packs of players by throwing down toxic clouds. During my time with the game, I was able to cut through Volter quickly with the flamethrower weapon, but overconfidence was soon my downfall. In one last gasp, Volter dropped smoke and rushed my character, devastating me with a bombardment of explosives. The attack cut through my armor and health in the blink of an eye, leaving me the only member of my team to fall.

Hans Volter is expected to be the first of several new bosses to debut as Killing Floor 2 goes through Early Access. Look for other characters to debut in the coming months. To get a better look at Hans Volter, the gentlemen at PC Gamer have uploaded video footage, which can be seen below. We also have additional concept art available below. Killing Floor 2 arrives on Steam Early Access on April 21.

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