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Mortal Kombat X Throws Spirits and Bombs with Kenshi and Sonya

On the most recent Mortal Kombat X livestream, NetherRealm revealed details on Kenshi and Sonya Blade variations, along with details about the mobile game.


Mortal Kombat X releases in less than two weeks, and so NetherRealm is getting close to revealing all the character variations that will be available to players.

The recent livestream began with a discussion about Mortal Kombat X mobile, which is a card combat game (similar to Injustice) that features 3v3 tag team combat. The mobile game will also have both X-Rays and Fatalities, which are performed by doing quicktime event swipes. Additionally, playing the mobile game will earn points for your faction.

But perhaps the most interesting feature is the Champion and Allies system, where you can mark your most used characters as a champion. Other players can choose your champion and use them to fight in their game. If your champion is popular, you'll earn alliance points to purchase special cards. Other crossover features include unlocking skins from the mobile game that can be used in the main game. NetherRealm used Ninja Mime Johnny Cage and Farmer Jax to illustrate the point.

Two iconic characters were shown on the livestream: Kenshi and Sonya Blade, who both have very unique variations.


Similar to Mortal Kombat 2011, Kenshi can call upon a spirit clone to appear and strike his opponents. However, unlike many of the other characters, his special moves change according to the variation.

Balanced: In this variation, Kenshi uses a blue spirit swordsman to perform quick mid to close ranged attacks. Rising Karma is a close anti air slash. Spirit Push throws a specter forward to punch opponents, and the move can't be ducked. Teleflurry works similarly to Spirit Push, except that the ghost comes out swinging a sword. Lastly, TK Slice drops a spirit from the sky for an unexpected high attack. Also, in this mode is Blade Reflect, where Kenshi can send projectiles back at his opponents.

Possessed: In Possessed, Kenshi's magic sword is broken and the spirits within take control of him. He doesn't have use of his sword in this variation, so no blade reflect, but he does summon sickle carrying demon for special attacks. This variation mostly about big, heavy, hits. Sickle Lift replaces Rising Karma for a quick anti air move that works similarly to an uppercut. Soul Push works almost identically to Spirit Push, except a demon comes out to slash with its sickle. With Demon Assault, the demon flies out to perform three heavy hits. Demon Slam drops a demon from the sky, but is tricky, because this move has to be blocked low. Demon Beam is a teleport move that brings Kenshi right up and above his opponent to set up a combo. Lastly, there's Demon Slam, a close range overhead move that slams opponents into the ground.

Kenjutsu: With this variation, Kenshi is a swordmaster who has become one with the powerful spirits. He trades in his spirit moves for heavy sword attacks, like how Rising Blade is a sword uppercut, and he can use Blade Reflect. With Spinning Blade, Kenshi spins for a couple of broad overhead strikes that can be used to juggle opponents. However, not everything is about the sword. Kenshi can use telekinesis to grab hold of enemies and throw them. Variations include Telepush, a straight attack and Teletoss, which grabs hold of enemies and throws them to the other side of the level. Finally, there's Teleslam, which violently lifts opponents up and throws them straight back down.

Sonya Blade

As a character from the original game, fans should be pretty familiar with Sonya's moves. In MKX, she can fire energy beams, perform leg wrap grabs, and do a flying air drop kick. New moves include an arcing jump kick, which can be used to close distances and avoid projectiles.

Covert Ops: In this variation, Sonya carries a garrote wire that is used for parrying and counter moves. Players will want to keep opponents at close range so that she can use the wire to grab hold of arms. The Stiff Neck wraps the wire around her opponents neck so that she can jump over them and perform a throw. Sonya can also be switch to a Military Stance for a more offensive moves like leaping kicks and cartwheels.

Demolition: This variation is special because Sonya carries three grenades strapped to her leg. Grenades come in two varieties: stun and frag, and can be detonated early. Players can replenish their grenade supply by calling in a drone. Or, they could use the drone to fire off a volley of three grenades instead. Other explosive moves include a sticky grenade and a wake up attack that consumes two grenades.

Special Forces: Here, Sonya wears special armbands that control an attack drone. The drone assists in the fight by firing quick pulse blasts. Or it can be used to shoot a Homing Missile that will track opponents for a time. Lastly, she can order the drone to do a Kamikaze move, where it'll dive down and crash into opponents. One unique drone feature is how it can be ordered to park on the edge of the level, so trapping opponents between Sonya and her drone and preventing them from sticking to corners.

Mortal Kombat X releases on April 14 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.

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