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H1Z1's Big Damn Patch adds new character model, new Dam area, and more

Daybreak Game Company has released a new patch for H1Z1 which includes a new male character model, a new pistol, workbenches, and more.


Daybreak Game Company has announced the Big Damn Patch for H1Z1 has arrived, and with it, a plethora of bug fixes and new features.

One of the biggest additions to the Big Damn Patch is a new male character model, which has been designed to utilize the upcoming wearable system that will give players additional appearance customization options, including face, glove, and feet slots.

Today’s update also introduces survivors to the R380 Pistol that boasts a high fire rate, but minimal stopping power. Workbenches can be used to create specific recipes as well as convert a player’s ammo into other types of ammo. Pickup Truck interiors have been updated to offer more details and improvements. Daybreak has also implemented additional anti-cheat and bug fixing efforts, and a number of other improvements.

A new revamped Dam area is included in today’s patch, which is made up of an all-new interior to scavenge as well as updated interiors. The Crude Map has been revised as well that offers grid locations to help friends find each other more quickly.

The Big Damn Patch is now available for H1Z1 players to download, so go out there and loot and murder everything you come across. For those interested in the full list of patch notes, head on over to the H1Z1 forums where Daybreak has posted all of the changes. You can also get a glimpse at today's update by watching Daybreak's recorded Twitch stream:

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