Yoshi's Woolly World coming with Yarn Amiibo this fall

Nintendo gave some more details about Yarn Yoshi today, including some new fabric Amiibos on the way.


During today's Nintendo Direct, the company showed off Yoshi's Woolly World again. It reasserted that it's due out this fall, but had another little surprise to show off: a Yarn Yoshi Amiibo, complete with a crocheted look. Tapping the Yoshi on the screen will add another Yoshi to the game, letting you play as double Yoshi. The Yarn version of the Amiibo will come in three colors: green, pink, and light blue.

The presentation also announced two modes: Classic and Mellow. Classic is said to be similar to traditional Yoshi games, while Mellow lets you use winged Yoshi to breeze through stages. You can switch between the two modes, just in case you get stuck. 

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