April Fools: Blizzard's library adds B'Motes

Maybe you're not adept at communicating in your favorite Blizzard game. Boy, do they have a solution for you!


Blizzard is well aware that not everyone in its user base is a social butterfly. So fortunately, they're introducing an initiative across all of its games to help make communication a little bit easier. Prepare for B'Motes!

B'Motes will find their way into all of Blizzard's biggest franchises and function in different ways. Look for new role-playing dialogue options to hit World of Warcraft, hundreds of emotes to hit Hearthstone, a new Commander Voice Pack to hit Heroes of the Storm, and so on. Some may say ideas like literally having your words translated into a character's speech pattern is impossible. And… those people are probably right. Or are they?

Check out everything you need to know about B'Motes on Battle.net and improve your communication today.

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