April Fools: Capcom's Dog Ace Attorney features crime-fighting pooches

Who wouldn't want to play an Ace Attorney game starring dogs?!


In the spirit of April Fools’ Day, Capcom has announced Dog Ace Attorney, which serves as a spoof for its extremely popular Ace Attorney series.

Dog Ace Attorney came about as a pun from the Japanese name for the next Ace Attorney game that’s set in the Meiji era, called “Great Gyakuten Saiban.” If you change the first character of the Japanese characters, it becomes “Dog Gyakuten Saiban,” which is why we now have a Dog Ace Attorney.

The trailer features a number of canine investigators, such as Sherlock Hound and Inu hodou Ryuuichi as well sound effects that feature dog barks throughout the trailer.

As much as we realize this is an April Fools’ Day prank, we would totally consider playing a Dog-themed Ace Attorney game. Players could look for buried bones and try to solve the mysteries involving feline adversaries.

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