April Fools: Dying Light players get super strength for April 1 only

April Fools Day is here and for Dying Light, that means contaminated batches of Antizine that will give all players super strength for a full 24 hour period.


April 1 is coming and and that means strange things are about to go down. In many cases, people will not be able to trust anything they see or read. In Dying Light, the problem is far more violent.

Techland is warning users that the Dying Light world is about to fill up with contaminated Antizine. Anyone exposed will be prone to fits of extreme anger and aggression. Fortunately, the side effects also include super strength, meaning zombies can be sent into the wild blue yonder with a single punch or kick.

The infestation is expected to occur on April 1 only, so enjoy the ragdoll show while it lasts.

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