April Fools: Programming typo fills Path of Exile with cats

Suddenly, cats! Thousands of them!


Typos are the devil, I tells ya! They can make any news post on a site like this one look downright ridiculous. But what's worse than a typo plaguing a run-of-the-mill article, tweet, or Chatty post? How about a typo in a line of programming? That's the worst, as the poor folks at Grinding Gear Games are finding out.

Yes, sadly, Path of Exile currently has a major problem with its Trigger Gems. Some careless programmer was rushing through some of the changes for the game's upcoming expansion, meaning they slammed the 'T' key before the 'S' key. A couple of hundred copy-pastas later and "cast" has been replaced with "cats" across the board. As one might imagine, this has led to some major im-purr-fections.

Any condition that involves casting spells is now summoning cats into the game. Trigger Gem conditions involving "cast upon death" is now resulting in "cats upon death." Any Trigger Gem that activates when taking damage is now summoning cats. The issue is everywhere, as indicated in this forum post from the overwhelmed developers.

Path of Exile players will be relieved to know that a fix is imminent and expected to be released by the end of today.

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