Magnetic: Cage Closed programmer talks blending first-person puzzles and magnets

What does it mean to be the master of magnetism? Andrew visits with The Guru Games' Petter Henriksson to find out more about Magnetic: Cage Closed.


This year's PAX East was a showcase for a number of games, both large scale and small indie. Shacknews got to check out some of the latter and found one that had us wondering, "Magnets, how do they work?" Our own Andrew Zucosky stopped by developer The Guru Games' booth to check out Magnetic: Cage Closed.

Magnetic is a first-person puzzle platformer that grants players the use of a magnet gun. The magnet gun, as one might imagine, utilizes the attraction and repellent properties of magnets, as well as the properties of magnetic fields, in general. Not only can players control objects with the magnet gun, but entire areas can have their polarity manipulated. The game goes beyond logic puzzles, though, as the story will have players making tough dialogue choices that will affect how the narrative progresses and, ultimately, how it ends.

To learn more about becoming the master of magnet, check out the full interview below. Magnetic: Cage Closed is coming soon to Steam, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions also planned.

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