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Mortal Kombat X Reveals Erron Black, Liu Kang, and Shinnok Variations

In today's Mortal Kombat X livestream, NetherRealm Studios revealed Erron Black, and showed off his moves alongside Liu Kang and Shinnok. Here is a break down of each character's variations.


Today's Mortal Kombat X livestream revealed that Erron Black, a character from the comic book series, will be a playable character. In addition to his variations and moves, viewers got a chance to see how Liu Kang and Shinnok plays.

Other reveals include some new Practice mode features and a Faction Kill performed by Cassie Cage. There was a short intro for the Faction War, and a confirmation that limited use "easy" fatalities exist. They can be picked up by various means to automatically perform a fatality without having to input the actual combo, which is great for players that have trouble with them.

Here's the breakdown for each character's variations.

Erron Black

Erron Black comes from the Mortal Kombat comic book series, and he carries two revolvers. Dressed as a Wild West gunslinger, he has works as a bounty hunter, and has picked up a few magical items while traversing Outworld.

His standard moves include firing off a few shots from his pistols and pulling out orbs full of magical sand that explode. Erron can also throw down caltrops that can stop enemies from running.

Marksman: In this mode, Erron Black relies on a rifle strapped to his back. Special moves include firing three quick shots while walking backwards to get some distance. He can also swing the rifle like a bat, which works like an uppercut that launched enemies up into the air.

Outlaw: With this mode, Erron uses a sword made from the severed forearm of a Tarkatan warrior (who may or may not be Baraka). He uses the sword to stab and impale his enemies. Furthermore, he can plunge it into an opponent's chest and break it off. The broken sword will constantly damage the enemy, but the trade-off is that Erron will lose use of his sword during that time. Lastly, to get some distance from opponent, Erron will use a variation of the sand blast by grabbing up sand off the ground and throwing it.

Gunslinger: The gunslinger variation is all about the revolvers. Erron goes into a stand-off stance and can do a "dance" move, where he fires a series of shots into the ground aimed at the opponent's feet. The closer the opponent is, the more damage it does. Similar to Marksman, Erron can walk backwards while firing off a couple shots. Lastly, Erron can do a trick shot by tossing a coin up in the air and ricocheting bullets off it.

Liu Kang

The classic character Liu Kang makes a big return in Mortal Kombat X, and he plays pretty much the way fans remember him. In addition to the flying kick, one of his universal abilities is powerful backhand punch that will knock opponents backward.

Dragon's Fire: The Dragon's Fire variation is pretty much the classic Liu Kang style, with a strong focus on fireballs. Liu Kang can throw double fireballs from the ground or air, or he can stand and charge a single powerful blast. He also has access to a double flying kick and his signature bicycle kick in this variation, which can be enhanced for extra effects.

Flame Fist: Fireballs move a little slower in the Flame Fist variation, but Liu Kang maintains the option to throw one big, heavy, one. The bicycle kick is replaced with a flurry of punches. What really sets this variation apart from the others is how Liu Kang can temporarily light his fists on fire to do extra damage, especially if the opponent is blocking. He can has the ability to parry moves.

Dualist: Liu Kang gets in touch with his dual nature in the Duality variation. He can switch between Light and Dark stances. Light plays pretty much like the standard Liu Kang, except that it has a special Tai Chi charge move that replenishes health and ends with a blast. Going into Dark mode turns his fireballs into plasma orbs. These orbs can be stopped mid-air and left as mines to be detonated later.


Shinnok is a fallen Elder God with access to magic and a powerful amulet that he uses to blast opponents.

Impostor: With the Impostor mode, Shinnok can call forth a triple blast from the ground, knocking opponents up into the air. He can also counter enemy projectiles by canceling them. But perhaps the most impressive move is how he can temporarily put opponents in a hold and steal their powers, like Sub Zero's ice ball, and use them for himself.

Bone Shaper: In this variation, Shinnok can summon a giant bone scythe to bash his opponents with. He can use it to scoop enemies up in the air, like a long reach uppercut, or pull them close. He can also slam it in the ground for a quick earthquake move. In this mode his amulet becomes part of a gun that he can use to quickly fire at enemies. He can also summon a bone cage to trap his opponents, which is featured in his X-ray move.

Necromancer: The Necromancer variation calls forth a giant skeletal arm that will crush, flick and grab at opponents. It can come from the air, ground, or sky, so opponents are constantly left guessing where they'll be attacked from.

Mortal Kombat X releses on April 14th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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