Watch Evolve's Behemoth and new Hunters in action in latest gameplay video

A new gameplay video has been released by 2K and Turtle Rock Studios that shows the Behemoth and the four new Hunters in action.


2K and Turtle Rock Studios announced Evolve owners will be getting its first piece of post-launch downloadable content on March 31 in the form of a new Monster, four new Hunters, and two new maps. Today, a new gameplay trailer has been released showing the Behemoth and the new Hunters in action.

The new gameplay trailer is presented in an eSports style as members of 2K have control over all characters. We get to see a number of Behemoth’s abilities, which includes its devastating roll and its tongue grab, which can be used to pull creatures and Hunters closer to it, which will certainly help in separating the Hunters, thus making it easier to pick them off.

We also get to see the new Hunters in action, and they look pretty impressive compared to the current roster of characters. We get to see Sunny using her jetpack booster, Slim using his healing drone, Crow using his pet Batray, and Torvald can be seen flinging his Shrapnel Mine.

For those who decide not to purchase Behemoth or the four new Hunters, Evolve players will still be able to play against or alongside them in both online and offline play. So you better get acquainted with both Behemoth and the new Hunters since you’ll be interacting with them anyways starting on March 31.

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