Paperbound enters the PlayStation 4 fold next week

The time to cut up your friends is nearly at hand. Dissident Logic's local multiplayer paper-cutting fest, Paperbound, is set to arrive on PlayStation 4 next week.


Players looking for ways to cut up the competition in local multiplayer will have a new game to play with next week. It's indie developer Dissident Logic's debut game, Paperbound, which will release on PlayStation 4 on March 31.

For those unfamiliar with Paperbound, it's a 2D local multiplayer game, set along an artbook-style backdrop, that sees players using gravity mechanics (similar to VVVVVV) to jump around from the floor to the ceiling. Players use swords or special weaponry to literally slice an opponent to ribbons. Shacknews most recently had a chance to check the game out at last year's PlayStation Experience event, where Dissident Logic discussed the mechanics and some of the indie gaming guest stars, like Juan from Guacamelee.

While Paperbound is primarily a competitive local multiplayer affair, Dissident Logic has also revealed some new details about the game's bots. Each bot will feature its own distinctive play style and strategy, allowing players to train against different types of opposition.

"The bots are something I decided to add recently because I know that not everyone has their friends over all the time," designer Dan Holbert said on PlayStation.Blog. "As fun as sleepovers are, sometimes your wife doesn’t appreciate them. So these bots are for all you lone wolves out there. They’re also good when you’ve only got one or two pals over and you want to play a sweaty, sweaty match of the 2v2 Capture the Quill game mode (or any of the other 2v2 modes)."

Paperbound arrives on PlayStation 4 next week. For more, the Shacknews interview from PlayStation Experience has been posted below.

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