Melancholy Republic is a beautiful homage to 16-bit JRPGs

Cloud Runner Studios' Melancholy Republic will make you swear you were transported to the 16-bit era with its beautiful visuals and inspired soundtrack.


16-bit RPGs will always hold a special place in my heart as Final Fantasy II & III, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger offered experiences that I will never forget. That’s why when I heard of Melancholy Republic, it instantly piqued my interest considering it’s inspired by 16-bit era JRPGs, although its story appears to be a much deeper experience.

Melancholy Republic tells the story of Claire C. Lockridge, a female politician whose efforts would end the corruptive nature of her country, thus changing her life and the course of history. The game tells its story across four chapters, each of which will include memorable characters who have their own story to tell.

Exploring the city of Lorna is a key feature in Melancholy Republic as players will come across multiple areas of the city. Some portions of the city will be draped in rich elegance, while others will look rundown and slumish.

Melancholy Republic’s development team, Cloud Runner Studios, is currently looking to raise a total of £15,000 through its Kickstarter campaign by April 10. If you enjoyed 16-bit RPGs and would like to play a game inspired by them that features a deep, and rich storyline, then consider Melancholy Republic.

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