Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff boldly goes to space in Star Trek event

Family Guy's mobile game will be injected with lots of Star Trek-related content over the next six weeks.


Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff will be setting its sights to the USS Enterprise and its crew as a new Star Trek-themed in-game event will be taking place starting today and ending on April 30.

The six week mission will have players exploring the USS Enterprise, seeking out new Star Trek-themed characters, and more. The Star Trek-themed event will have the ship and its crew setting an emergency course back in time to Earth after sustaining heavy damage from the Borg.

Commander William Riker infiltrates Quahog in order to protect Stewie as he is responsible for creating technology that can eliminate the Borg. His decision making isn’t the greatest as he enlists Peter Griffin to attempt to repair the Enterprise, save its crew, and protect the future of all Mankind.

Players will be able to explore a re-imagined version of iconic locations within the USS Enterprise, which includes The Bridge, Holodeck, and Sickbay. As players progress, they’ll be able to unlock The Next Generation crew, like Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lt. Commander Data, and Lieutenant Worf to name a few.

Not only will exploration play an integral part in the new event, but players can also expand their adventure to known space as they send teams on exploratory missions to other planets, allowing them to collect resources and rewards. Players will battle against the hyper-reproductive Tribbles, blast enemies and debris into deep space using photon torpedoes, and take part in a final face-off with the Borg.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff can be downloaded for free on iOS, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.

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