Sling TV launches on Xbox One with 30-day trial today

The Sling TV service has officially launched on the Xbox One. Best of all, you can experience it for 30 days free so long as you're an Xbox Live member.


Microsoft announced earlier this year it would be launching a new Sling TV service on the Xbox One, and today, the company has stayed true to its promise as the service is now available.

Sling TV on Xbox One offers a handful of live television networks that are delivered to the console over an Internet connection for just $20 a month and absolutely no monthly commitments. The bundle includes the “Best of Live TV” core package that offers live sports, lifestyle, family, and news channels as well as VOD service.

Add-on packs, like “Kids Extra,” “News & Info Extra,” and “Hollywood Extra” can also be purchased for an additional $5 per month and gives Sling TV users a wider variety of channels to choose from.

Xbox Live members will be able to partake in an exclusive extended free 30-day trial, although it’s a shame Sling TV doesn’t offer just the add-on packs by themselves. I’m sure a lot of cord-cutting parents would love to pay just $5 a month to get their kids the channels they’d love to watch, but who knows if that’s something that’ll ever be offered. Still, $20 + $5 a month is still a pretty sweet deal considering what most cable companies charge these days.

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