Evolve's St. Patrick's Day event requires 35,000 wins with Griffin

A new community challenge will soon be upon us, and this time, it stars Griffin the Trapper.


2K and Turtle Rock Studios is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by hosting a Evolve community challenge called the Evolve St. Patrick’s Trapper Challenge.

The challenge will task the entire Evolve community with winning a total of 35,000 games while playing with Griffin the Trapper on their team. Meeting the requirements will be rewarded with Trapper Predator Skins for free, regardless if they’re playing as Griffin or not.

The special St. Patrick’s Day event will take place this weekend between March 19 at 9PM PT to March 22 at 9PM PT. So if you’re feeling the luck of the Irish this weekend, head on into Evolve and make sure your team has Griffin in it or you won’t be adding to this weekend’s community challenge.

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