Nintendo Announces New Hardware, Code-named NX

In a press conference discussing mobile games, Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, spoke briefly about new gaming hardware that's in development. Code-named NX.


In a press conference announcing Nintendo's mobile gaming plans, president and CEO Satoru Iwata let slip plants for Nintendo's next system, code-named NX.

In an effort to fend off rumors that Nintendo would eventually go completely mobile, Iwata stated that the company was still "dedicated video game system market" and that the next gaming hardware is code-named NX.

Iwata goes on to state, "because now we have decided on how we will make use of smart devices, we have come to hold an even stronger passion and vision for the dedicated video game system business than before."

No further details were revealed, but we're expected to learn more about the NX next year. It might be tempting to think that the NX will be a successor to the Wii U, especially since the system is approaching its third year. But realistically, the NX could be anything.


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