PAX East 2015: Code Name: STEAM Exclusive Interview

We spoke with Nintendo about Code Name: STEAM during PAX East 2015. Come find out what the game is all about, learn about its multiplayer mode, and why it's quite different than the Fire Emblem series.


Code Name: STEAM is available on the Nintendo 3DS today, so we thought "Hey! We just so happen to have a video interview with Nintendo on the game, so why not share it?!"

Code Name: STEAM is a third-person strategy game that features characters from classic American literature, such as Tom Sawyer, Cowardly Lion, and John Henry as they work together to fight off an alien invasion. Oh - did we mention Abraham Lincoln is in charge of Unit S.T.E.A.M.? Well, he is.

If after watching the video interview you're left wondering whether or not the game is worth picking up, then head on over to our review.

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