Team Fortress 2 gets Taunt Workshop and Mannpower update

Team Fortress 2 has taken custom taunts out of beta and is allowing users to build their own customized taunts, so you can laugh in your opponent's general direction.


Team Fortress 2 has been getting community-built weapons for quite some time. They are, after all, one of the pioneers of the Steam Workshop. Now Valve is offering players the opportunity to create their very own taunts, thanks to the new Taunt Workshop.

Valve has offered up a detailed FAQ on how to get customized taunts off the ground floor. For a sample of how some of the Workshop-authored taunts will look, check out the video below, which features some killer new animations for the Sniper and the Scout.

Meanwhile, the Mannpower mode, which is still in beta, has received some updates of its own. The game mode will now receive the new Thundermountain CTF map, as well as a new Knockout powerup. This will restrict the user to Melee and Grappling Hook only, but these attacks will hit much harder, always shoving the victim away on contact. Knockout carriers will also be immune to airblast and pushback effects.

For more on the latest TF2 update, check out the latest patch notes.

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