Splatoon: The PAX East 2015 interview

With Splatoon set to arrive on Wii U this May, Andrew Zucosky headed to PAX East to speak with one of the game's designers about its different take on online multiplayer, customization options, the learning curve, and more.


Nintendo is venturing into some unfamiliar territory with their upcoming entry into the shooter genre. Splatoon certainly looks to have the distinct Nintendo stamp on it, coming in with a colorful visual style and emphasizing less on violence and more on smothering opponents with colored ink blotches. Nintendo recently brought the game to PAX East and Andrew Zucosky headed over to learn more from Nintendo's Corey Olcsvary.

Splatoon will bring 4v4 action online, with teams controling inklings to try and cover as much territory with their paint color as possible. Meanwhile, the Octarians will be the main antagonists of the game's single-player mode, with the inklings working to get the all-powerful electric catfish back and overcome the enemy invasion.

For more on Splatoon, including customization options, the Turf War multiplayer, the learning curve, and the new generation of developers that are coming together to make this game happen, be sure to check out the video below.

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