Xbox One March update now available with screenshot support, friend suggestion, and more

The long-awaited screenshot feature is now available on the Xbox One as well as additional features.


Microsoft gave us a glimpse into what Xbox One owners should expect in its upcoming March update a few weeks ago, and today, they have released this month’s update.

One of the most requested features from Xbox One owners, the ability to capture screenshots, is now available thanks to the March update. Screenshots can be taken by double-tapping the Xbox button on the Xbox One controller and pressing the Y button to save the screenshot. Kinect users can also simply say “Xbox, take a screenshot” to take their screenshot.

Additional features includes a Suggested friends option, that allows you to add friends based on people you may know and top community broadcasters and clip creators, the ability to share your name with a larger number of the Xbox Live community, and tile transparency. Enhancements to party chat have also been made as well as the ability to report spam that’s received through the Messenger app.

The Xbox One March update should now be available the next time you power on your console.

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