Overwatch adds two new characters

Overwatch has increased its roster by two today, adding a new tank and offense character during this morning's PAX East panel.


Lost during this morning's Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm announcements was the latest news to come out of Blizzard's team-based shooter, Overwatch. The game has added two new heroes and, like the ones that came before them, they're injecting their own unique personas into the game.

First up, there's Zarya, the new tank. She's big, burly, and Russian, making her something of an homage to Team Fortress 2's Heavy. She'll bring her powerful Particle Cannon to the battlefield, as well as a Particle Barrier to protect her against incoming attacks. She can also push the barrier forward to protect teammates under fire. Her Ultimate is the Graviton Surge, which sucks enemy players into its orbit and deals heavy damage while they're stuck.

Next, there's McCree, an offensive-minded gunslinger. He carries a six-shooter called the Peacekeeper, but he's also quick as a hiccup with his Combat Roll that allows him to fire while in mid-roll. He can also assist teammates with his flashbang grenade that'll blind any foes caught in its range. His Ultimate is the Deadeye ability, which allows him to set up an aim and plug anyone in his line of sight.

That brings the character count to 14. Look for more on Overwatch in the coming months and keep an eye out, because the closed beta is set to sign up soon. Beta sign-ups are still open.

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