I Am Bread adds rockets and bagels in new update

Look at that bread fly! I Am Bread's latest update straps some rockets onto the main piece of bread, while another new game mode puts players in the role of a sesame seed bagel.


Bossa Studios has been busy baking for a while, coming up with new and creative bread types for the yeasty simulator I Am Bread. But with so much bread out in the world, where does Bossa possibly go next? Into space, of course!

Today's new update adds Space Mode, in which the game's central piece of bread gets rocket boosters attached to it. This grants the user the power of rocket-propelled flight, introducing who new challenges in trying to become toast.

A second new game mode has been added, called Bagel Race. This puts players in the roll role of a bagel, challenging players to move along with only two control points.

Bossa Studios is still aiming to get I Am Bread to its final state sooner than later. In the meantime, the game is currently available on Steam Early Access.

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