Sylvanas Windrunner joins Heroes of the Storm

She has no time for games! The undead Forsaken Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner, is joining Heroes of the Storm, with Blizzard debuting her at this year's PAX East.


Blizzard kicked off this year's PAX East in a big way, making some prime announcements for its lineup of games. A slew of those announcements were for Heroes of the Storm, which continues to march towards open beta. Today, Blizzard revealed the latest Hero to join the all-star ranks: the undead Forsaken queen known as Sylvanas Windrunner.

Sylvanas will enter the battlefield with her own distinct attacks, delivering DPS and Siege damage towards anything in her path. Her attacks include:

  • Withering Fire (Q) - Shoot arrows at the closest enemy target, aiming first at enemy Heroes.
  • Shaddow Dagger (W) - Deals light to moderate damage over time.
  • Haunting Wave (E) - Summons banshees that deal damage to multiple targets.
  • Wailing Arrow (R1) - Delivers area-of-effect damage and silences foes for 2.5 seconds.
  • Possession (R2) - Forces an enemy Minion or Mercenary to fight for Sylvanas.

Blizzard also showed off its upcoming Tomb of the Spider Queen map, which will see Heroes collecting gems from fallen minions. The gems will be exchanged for Webweavers to serve at their side.

Other topics discussed during this morning's panel included UI and quality of life updates, Team League, upcoming progression changes, and additional gold rewards for hitting milestones. All of those details can be found on

For more on Sylvanas and the new Tomb of the Spider Queen map, check out the videos below.

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