Alien: Isolation's fifth DLC pack, The Trigger, available today

Sega has announced the release of Alien: Isolation's fifth DLC pack, called The Trigger.


Alien: Isolation is receiving its fifth add-on pack today called The Trigger that tasks players to compete against the clock in order to survive three new maps within the game’s Survivor Mode.

The Trigger, which is being touted as the most challenging add-on to date, is set prior to the events that occurred in Alien: Isolation. Players will assume the role of Sevastopol Station’s Ricardo who will do whatever it takes to assist Marshal Waits in his plan to destroy whatever it is that’s hunting them. He must attempt to escape the creature in order to track down the marshal in Synthetic Storage and hopefully blast it back into space.

Alien: Isolation’s season pass owners will be able to gain access to The Trigger instantly, although this is the last piece of downloadable content that’s included. Whether or not Sega or The Creative Assembly have any other additional pieces of content planned is completely unknown, although at this point, do Alien: Isolation players really need to be scared more than they already have been these past few months?

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