Sony revives The Last Guardian trademark

Another day, another Last Guardian story. Yes, Team Ico's game is still (technically) alive!


Welcome to the latest episode of "As 'The Last Guardian' Turns." When we last left The Last Guardian, the trademark on the game had lapsed, leaving the game in a state of (further) limbo. While things didn't look good for Team Ico's latest game, there was always the possibility that Sony would file a petition to revive the trademark. It now appears that the company has done just that.

The folks at NeoGAF have followed this story intently, finding Sony's revival petition. The United States Patent and Trademark Office acted quickly and has restored the trademark. All is as it was and so The Last Guardian is still alive... well... as alive as it can be, anyway.

That concludes today's episode of "As 'The Last Guardian' Turns!" Tune in next time, as fans speculate as to whether the game will appear at E3 2015 in any capacity. (Spoiler alert: The answer is 'probably not.')

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