Killer Instinct's Aganos breaks down the walls in developer stream

Iron Galaxy previously teased the massive golem Aganos as its next character, but just how will he play? The Killer Instinct developer jumps on Twitch for the answer.


Iron Galaxy is ushering in the Valentine's Day weekend with a huge rock guy. Today's Iron Galaxy Tender Moments live stream saw the developer show off the giant golem Aganos in action for the first time.

Aganos has a "chunk system" that allows players to augment him in different ways. Each chunk gives Aganos a different layer of armor that protects him on the ground. When all chunks are removed, Aganos will take damage. However, if Aganos has too many chunks (he can hold up to four and gather them with back and Hard Punch), he'll move noticeably slower. Of course, if Aganos needs to dump chunks, he can use them to literally erect new walls behind his opponents, allowing him to corner his opponent. Walls can take three hits before they're demolished and all walls will take damage if Aganos is knocked down at any point. Moves that send opponents through Aganos' walls can deal heavy damage, especially when they go through multiple walls at once. If walls aren't so much your thing, Aganos can also pick a wall up off the ground and wield it like a club.

Chunks can also be used for a couple of Aganos' special moves, including Payload Assault, which throws rock projectiles of varying sizes at his opponents. His other special moves include Clobber Copter and the Natural Disaster, moves that deal a lot of damage but are very unsafe when blocked. In fact, Aganos' recovery time, below-average dash speed, and his lack of mix-ups appear to be the major drawbacks for the character.

As one might imagine from a creature of his stature, Aganos' attacks all hit incredibly hard, with several of his normal moves slamming his opponents into the walls behind them. He has major combo potential, but players will need to adjust their attack patterns depending on how many chunks Aganos is holding.

Aganos will be included with the next 2.4 update for Killer Instinct.

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