SMITE season 2 kicks off today with new Conquest map and eSports tournament

A new season for SMITE is upon us, and with it, we're getting a new Conquest map, a numbe of gameplay tweaks, and a new eSports season.


Hi-Rez Studios has released a large update for the second season of SMITE that features an all-new Conquest map that has received a big graphical boost as well as a number of other things.

The new Conquest map now has improved player navigation, new creature interactions, and a new, refined Jungle Layout. The second season of SMITE also brings a number of new items and gameplay tweaks that affect jungling, Titans, the Fire Giant, Towers, and laning. New god skins, voice packs, god rotation, and new emotes are also included in season 2.

SMITE eSports has also changed a bit as throughout 2015, the best teams in SMITE will fight in three different splits, which includes spring, summer, and fall. After each split is complete, the top teams in each region will take part in LAN tournaments in order to decide who will attend the SMITE World Championship. Full details of SMITE’s eSports schedule can be found here.

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